John Reeve

I'm John Reeve, and I love using my tech skills to solve problems for people.

This page is a portfolio that outlines the kinds of solutions that I have helped craft for various clients.


Since 2010, I have been developing software and websites for clients in a wide variety of industries. It's a craft and a profession that I enjoy a great deal. Either as a freelancer or more recently as an employee, I've been fortunate to find ever more challenging and interesting projects that allow me to increase my skills.

Although I have been programming computers since using a Commadore 64 at age 6, it's only been over the last 6 years that I have turned to programming as a career. Prior to that I was teaching English and working on a PhD. However, even though I turned from a CS undergraduate degree to a degree in Philosophy, the process of "learning how to learn" has been exceedingly helpful in my career as a programmer.